South Africa | Google People cards are here, let’s set yours up


So you can finally get a People card from Google in South Africa. This is a really cool way to get found on google – but also to own your search presence. And it’s pretty quick to set up!

If you want the TLDR scroll down a bit more for the setup steps, otherwise grab some popcorn.

Mobile phone showing Google People card

People cards are new… sort of

Google sometimes trials new offerings in specific regions before rolling them out worldwide (good practice) – they learn about the service and optimise it, then release when ready. The initial launch was in India and has now been rolled out to South Africa.

A people card is essentially a nice way to consolidate all your info that may be spread across multiple sites and social media platforms into one nice summary that shows up when someone searches for your name.

If you are looking for a nice way to consolidate things or manage your presence on the web then this could be a great way to get started.

Google People card in side pane of browser

You may have seen a similar version of this if you search your favourite artist or movie star – essentially now you can do the same with your own info.

How to create your People card

Starting the process

  1. Grab your mobile phone and make sure you are signed in with your personal google account
  2. Open up the Chrome browser or Google app
  3. Type in “add me to search”

If you are a fan of the Google assistant you could:

  1. Activate the assistant and say “Ok Google, add me to search”

Adding details to your People card

This is the easy part, once you have tapped on the prompt all you have to do is populate the information for your People card by following the prompts and you are good to go – there you have it, you have just WON GOOGLE 🤣

Quick disclaimer here: As the feature is rolling out Google doesn’t promise that your People card will appear immediately, so hang in there!